brain waves

brain waves

Brain waves

No study of perception would be complete without considering the affect and control of brainwaves.  It is a documented fact that yogis and meditator’s affect control of the output of various types of brain waves.  Each type of brainwave is associated with different cognitive functions and perceptions.  The basic brainwave types are alpha, theta, and beta.  There are several technologies besides meditation to affect change of brain waves.  Most technologies are audio and there are several audio techniques with the isochronic said to be the best.

Different brain waves areassociated with different states of perception.  Deep unconscious sleep is delta wave.  Theta wave is associated with creativity and dreaming and types of meditation.  There are many links on the net to meditation and audio induction systems to induce different brainwave states with their corresponding different perceptions.  You can spend years exploring this avenue of perception and transformation.  We just want to learn enough to drive the car not know how every single atom moves to make it go.

The following is a post to reasonably priced brainwave induction audios.  here is another a little pricier  then very reasonable downloads of audio induction with music at  Pay attention to the warnings and don’t drive or do unreasonable things while modifying your brainwave structure!  After all you would not go into a deep meditative trance while going down the freeway would you?

Pure conciousness

In an effort to dissociate from form based perception you can use the self statement, “I am pure consciousness”.

In a effort to have different perceptual experiences you can use this as a mantra as you meditate or fall asleep.  As you are drifting off to sleep repeat to yourself, “My awareness is entering the pure consciousness of my higher self.

In a very real way consciousness is what is real.  Consciousness is the creator or projector of form.  To deeply explore consciousness there is a need to let go at least temporarily of attachment to form.

There is an interesting podcast you can listen to called “More Adventures Beyond the Body”  at ….


Trust in your feelings becomes more important………….  than understanding as we expand our perceptual potential, because understanding is tied to consensus perception.  It appears that understanding and the need to understand is to some extent a hindrance to growth and expansion of perceptual possibility.

Remain neutral to what you might think or judge, yet trust what you perceive and feel.

Water and Emotional

The power of emotional intent to affect change in the world is awesomely demonstrated by Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work with water.

Check out this amazind video clip.       and

What Dr. Masaru Emoto really wanted people to take from the research is that everything is influenced by our emotions, water is influenced on a high level, for obvious reasons, and shows the power and beauty of love, or positive thought, and the destroying ability of hate or negative thought, you should try his rice and water experiment.
but the bigger message is that there is an energy that is greater than all of us, love, it is what created life, and so life responds to it. youtube posted comment by musicalmindframe.

Doing blessing

What does blessing mean, dad?

To bless means to be grateful, to honor, to appreciate, without condition.

  • When you bless, you are a blessing, because you are blessing.
  • When you bless you drop into heart space into allowing, out of your manipulative inventory.


EFT is an amazing technique based on the acupuncture concept of energy meridians and that blockages of energy flow causes sickness and disease.  EFT is an extremely easy to learn form of energy flow restoration.  check it out at

Measure stress level.  Select issue.  Create mental picture/movie.  Create a setup phrase and reminder phrase.  Tap the karate chop spot.  Tap the designated 8 acupuncture locations while stating the reminder phrase.  That is it!

For clarification, see the web site or read the 14 pages of chapter 6 of the book “Try it On Everything”

Here are several examples of Emotional Freedom Tapping setup phrases.

  1. Even though I have been anxious about being on stage and in some public situations …… I choose to be confident and relaxed.
  2. Even though I have felt judged……. I choose to bless and love because I see beyond the surface.
  3. Even though I have resistance to learning some tasks …… I choose to let resistance go and adopt change.
  4. Even though I have believed in limits  ….. I choose to believe in infinite possibilites/ probabilities.
  5. Even though my mental habits have created tensions in my body ……. I choose to release those habits and tensions allowing energy to flow freely to all my cells, organs and energy systems.
  6. Even though I have been egotistical ……..   I choose to be humble and confident.
  7. Even though I have entangled my energies in judgments ……. I choose to release all those judgements and free my energies.
  8. Even though I have put all my faith in rational logic ………….  I choose to put my faith in ….. possibility.
  9. Even though I have reacted with fear, I choose to live relaxed in confidence and grace because otherwise is disrespecting my creator.

Not Doing

When you suspend your inventory of assumptions and perceptions (which are only real for you in this moment, soon to be washed away) and merely perceive what is occurring you enter the realm of grace which is characterized by the art of Not Doing.  You have dropped into heart space.

When you accept that of yourself you can do nothing, you move into the grace of  heart, having humbly surrendered your human conceptions of what is possible and impossible.  You come to recognize, accept and appreciate that things are done through you not by you.

Ultimately the act of not doing is the simple act of faith that there is a higher power that given the opportunity, can and does act through us, hence….. Not Doing.   Construed and drawn from the writings of Richard Bartlett.

River of Sound meditation

The meditation is to sit quietly and listen to all of the sounds far and near.  Listen as they come and go from your awareness.  Pay attention as your thoughts and feelings also come and go like passing clouds.  Pay attention as the breath comes and goes like the breeze of the day.

Observe the quiet self that observes all these things passing, coming and going and yet it is eternally there, aware and alert ……consciousness……….  Rest here.  Rest in this consciousness that perceives all of the things coming and going.

Let sensations float and change.  Allow thoughts and feelings, images and sounds to come and go like clouds in the clear open space of awareness.  As you do, pay attention to the consciousness itself.  Notice how the open space of awareness is clear, transparent, timeless and without conflict — Allowing for all things, but not limited by them.  This is your own true nature.  Rest in it. Trust it.  It is home……… “The Brave Heart.” by Jack Kornfield.”

Matrix mantra

To atenuate to practicing matrix energetics I decided to use a mantra to remind me how simple it is.

  • drop down                                           (or drop back, or drop into clear sky, or drop into heart space, or create space)
  • place intent
  • let go
  • .
  • drop down                                            (release your inventory=not doing)
  • place intent
  • let go
  • .
  • drop down
  • place intent
  • let go                                                     (repeating over and over while staying in clear sky conciousness)


Mindfulness is the art of observing your flow of thoughts and sensations without reacting to them.

In my observations this state of standback mindfulness is readily entered when you intentionally see beauty.  Take time to notice beauty in your surroundings and as you do this notice where your attention is.  For me my attention moves out of my head and centers in my heart.

Mindfulness can be likened to being in the state of not doing, or unconditionality, or being neutral, or dropping down in that you are aware of what is happening but you do not take positions of judgement or analyze what is going on. 

So, if you wat to enter the state of mindfulness or if you want to drop down into heart awareness see beauty.  Refer to the previous post concerning the Navajo chant, beauty all around me.

Clear Sky consciousness

Consciousness has distinct types.  There is the consciousness that equates with the experiential world that is the ever flowing stream of thoughts and sensations.  Then there is a background consciousness that is the perceptual awareness of this flowing stream. The background consciousness is like an open clear sky and the  thoughts, experiences and sensations are like passing clouds swept to and fro by the prevailing winds of the day.

A goal is to rest in open sky consciousness and participate in daily life and not get lost in the stream of experiences as if they are you.  The goal is to be the clear sky self and to bring that self into the fleeting cloud consciousness.

First he taught me to relax and feel my breath carefully which helped to focus and quiet my mind.  Then he taught me to just mindfully notice the stream of thoughts and sensations without reacting to them as a problem.  Finally he taught me the most important lesson, to rest in consciousness itself.   41 “The Wise Heart, by Jack Kornfield.”

The act of observing something changes it. The act of observing life from clear sky consciousness changes you and changes life.  (comments welcome)

Act of Observe

The act of observing something changes it.  ” quantum dynamics.”

This is one of the most awesome statements to ever come out of and be accepted by the scientific community.  It will in time completely transform life as we know it.  Why has it been known and understood by advanced physicists for decades but is only now beginning to permeate the consciousness of the rest of us?

The enormous impact of this statement means that almost anything is humanly possible.  It means we are not bound by the restrictions of old school solid state particle physics.  It means we can explore other dimensions, realities, stars, and possibilities.  It means we are all intimately entangled, interconnected and infinitely extended.

Stop and think about it.  How you observe others affects what you perceive.  (Quantum mechanics is not reserved for subatomics.)

Making Reality

Remember that every situation is a SO CALLED SITUATION.  A so called bad back.  A so called dis ease.  A so called defect.  A so called privilege.  A so called lack.  A so called fear.  A so called blessing.

For you and me…. so called is only one of many probabilities.  We have thrown out the book of solid state physics.  We make up our reality as we go.  We do not have to align with a so called situation.  We have learned that for every situation there are a multitude of possible outcomes. That is what quantum dynamics says.

We are entitled to play.  As doctor Bartlett says, you only have to be congruent and coherent. Meaning aligned with.

Empowering your Guides

Empowering your guides can be considered a way to access your unconscious intelligence. It can be considered to be much more than this.  Paying attention to guidance that comes from beyond your conscious mind can help you to evolve your perceptual capacities.  So why not empower, create, or link to guidance.

Holding Heart-thru Beauty

Many of the perceptual insights we are trying to grasp require …getting out of the mind and …holding onto the feeling the heart generates.

The best way for me to hold the heart center is to focus on beauty and gratitude while paying attention to the feeling in my heart center.  If you look for beauty with gratitude and intent you will find beauty all around you.

A perceptual goal is to be able to hold the heart center at all times.  I truly believe from this perspective seeming miracles are catalyzed.  To slip into the heart center, just ask yourself, “what is beautiful?”