It is an unfortunate fact of life for most of us that we have to deal with all sorts of personal assaults by less aware souls manipulated by fear, anger, lust and greed.

The intent is to transform or redirect those energies assulted at us.  If you try to change the assulter you become like them, intending to force your will upon others.

A personal assault is an opportunity to redirect the energy since it was willfully extended it to you.  The question is, “How do you redirect and transform the energy that would do you harm?” —- Without becoming entangled and infected with the energetic intent of the assault?

Life is the teacher, so there is a learning in assault  1.) Learn to maintain impeccable composure, purity of your own thought, clarity and the state of Grace in the face of dark forces.  2.) Intend to deflect, reflect, or step aside from the intent of any assault.  3.) Know an abuser harbors a damaged child inside, or is infected with dark forces.  4.)  Know that victim/abuser dramas attract one another.  Refuse to be a victim or a abuser.  Don’t be a victim allowing a hostile work environment for example.  4.)  Seek to be the conduit of healing grace.

Their energy is connected to my energy field.  I can collapse that connection and allow the best possible outcome as the connection reforms.

I see the possibility to collapse victim/abuser patterns all the way up to it’s original source which could be generations removed or many levels of management removed.  Once people start collapsing negative patterns upstream we will see major social changes.


Respect, respect, I demand your respect!

Why is it so hard for so many to perceive that respect comes from the heart. You can not command respect.

If you love others respect is the return for you.

If you do not love there is no respect.  Simple.


Velcome to Trance-Lvania!

After a day at work and an evening at home I am so reminded of how tranced everyone is.   I’ve seen individuals so full of themselves that they are so tranced with the company plan that they can not think for themselves.  They are well, tranced.  It is just freaky.   You know the feeling when you meet some one that is so ra ra.  Ra ra is perfect for control freaks that want obedience and are training martyrs or soldiers.  Do you see.  A leader is trancing others to mindlessly do his will.  Onward  (fill in the blank) soldiers, marching off to war,  ra, ra, ra!

To cap off the day we came home and turned on telvision to finish the day in another trance with the rest of Amerika.

Voodoo Psycoeconomics

Even though there are those who seek to dis-empower, because evil intent has infected their charachter and dulled their minds …….  I choose to empower myself and to enjoy life. (EFT setup phrase)

Instead of dis-empowering, you and I can empower others.  We can plant the seeds of a new perceptual reality immune to Voodoo Psychoenomics.   You can ask yourself,  ” What would happen if we stopped responding to fear and manipulation and started basing our relationships on appreciation and gratitude?”

Creating Personal Space EFT

Even though I have felt _ (fill in your feeling)_   I choose to live in a unshakable field (of personal space) of Grace, Adventure, Confidence, and Fun.

This powerful EFT tapping statement incorporates the concept of “Creating Space” that is essential to many transformational systems.  Uniquely, here, the space you are creating and holding is your own personal space.  Go through the 9 step tapping sequence, and see how you feel in your own personal space before and after.  (Review previous EFT tapping if you need a refresher.)

You can fill in the blanks with whatever you want to work on. You can change the wording to suit your personality and goals.  The intent is to Create and inhabit your own unshakably powerful personal space.  This is the key to being comfortable in your own skin.  No one can impact your personal space without your permission.  It is your domain and your kingdom.

I have found that EFT is one of the easiest and most beneficial transformational systems to learn.  You can literally learn this system in 5 minutes and perceive change in your own life often immediately.  I highly recommend the book and movie “Try it on Everything“.  by Patricia Carrington.  You can also learn about tapping from a free “Tapping Solutions Ebook at

Again, EFT is a simple tapping technique based on accupuncture that is often very effective in reducing pain and inducing transformation.  You tap out problems and tap in solutions.  EFT collapses the cause of pain. (Like matrix, when doing tapping we want to get in touch with real feelings and real emotions.)

Conflict Resolution

I recently had a problem with a person.  I decided after some contemplation that there was a reason for our conflict and that I was to be a blessing for this person.  I was to point out the high road through the heart and the low road through the mind.

I thrashed this situation in my mind for a while and felt in a way that it was resolved.  You know what?  Later that day I received a call from that person and they amicably resolved their issues with me.  I was able to shift my perception of aggravation into the perception of opportunity by considering how I could be a blessing in this situation.  The result was that the whole situation shifted!

Bio Robots

This is not the most pleasant subject to contemplate, but it is an important one if we are going to dramatically expand what we are able to perceive.

Due to the baggage that is implanted in every human being in their social conditioning (save for an extremely select few) many of our actions and reactions are predictable, controllable and actually conducted without free will.  In this real context you can say that most individuals are acting as bio robots.  That is they are acting out behaviours and dramas predetermined by images and rituals set up by others.  Some of these images and rituals have been set up for thousands of years and still benefit a very select few.

In this blog our intention is to free ourselves from control and manipulation so we might expand our perception.  In the paradigm set forth by Vladimir Megre in the Ringing Cedar series, the way to assure that we are not bio robots is to speed up our thinking processes by living certain stewardship lifestyles.

Manifesting with feeling

What we are learning is that  feeling perceptions determine what we mainifest rather than manifesting through the power of our mental thoughts.  In fact it appears that mental thoughts are detrimental to manifesting a change of perception.  Where there are mental thoughts there is always the diametric of positive and negative.  When you have positive and negative in your perceptual awareness you are creating diametrically opposed realities.  You are canceling out your power of creation, your power of manifestation.  So it seems that the more you think and analyze, the less you are able to bring forth.   This is quite a revelation to what we have all been trained to believe.  We have been trained to believe that only through our thoughts we can learn to understand everything.  We have been trained to consider emotions as signs of weakness.  As we stand back with the Eagle’s perception it looks like this mind over emotion paradigm is creating a world society of chaos and unharmony, of multitudes of opposites continually at war with the creation of one another..

WHATEVER YOU FEEL YOURSELF TO BE (with complete honesty), THAT IS WHAT YOU WILL BRING FORTH.   Quoted from “Co-Creating”, one of the “Ringing Cedars” series of books byRussian author Vladimir Megre’, that is sweeping the globe.  I reccomend that you read these books.  They are filled with feeling based imagry.

The Face of God

The face of God is the face of every man of every woman of every child.   Look at a child.  Look at a neighbor.  Look in the eyes of the elderly.  Look in the mirror.  See the face of God.

Perceptual Images

As we choose to try to understand reality there is the possibility that our method of research itself is flawed.  The scientific method is basically tear something apart and analyze it.  Though this type of analysis has led us to a high technological world it has on the other hand nearly destroyed the ecology of the world.

Strict scientific analysis leaves something out.  We seem to be missing a lot that earlier advanced civilizations may have had access to.  There may be better ways to access perceptions of the world around us.  Maybe perceiving through empowered feelings?  Maybe perceiving through feeling based imagery rather than word based thought.

Thinking and projecting in images may be one such way.  As an experiment today see what happens and you interact with others and instead of thinking them good thoughts, think them good images.  Perhaps your gaze will recognize the images of others as surrounded/glowing with beauty, blessings joy, and love.

See how your interactions change as you perceive others with energized images rather than with words.