holographic field

holographic field

Tuning in to the Holographic field

Each of us is tuned into a specific holographic field perception that is ”the experience of being me”.  We want to change the dial a little bit so we have a different better perception of the hologram.  We want to be able to tune in information that we have not normally had access to.  We want to align perceptions that will make us better than what we have been.  We want to align perceptions of the hologram that will allow us to help others to experience a better experience.

Because we exist in the field and the field of information is all inclusive, we should be able to adjust our perception to obtain whatever experience or information we desire.  (This is a very Toltec worldview.) We should be able to adjust to seeing energies we normally do not see.  We should be able to connect to information we do not normally access.  We should be able to experience the perceptions of other beings unlike ourselves.

When you open up the Holographic field as an explanation of the Universe you open up a Pandora’s box of possibilities and potentials.

We want more information.  We want to know how to connect to the field of information. We want more perception.  We want to be able to conveniently tune into specific information, specific perceptions as our interest dictates.   We want to know how to connect to the field of informationto induce healing.  We want to know how to heal the planet.  We want to heal individuals.  We want to heal ourselves.  We want to perceive how it is that we can tune into these awareness-es that are available because we have seen individuals who have access to this information and capacity.

We want to know how to efficently connect to the “Field”, the “Universe” to percieve and download what will make us and the world a better place.  It is like we have a DOS based primitive computer.  We just have a taste and our appetite is whetted.  We want the new Apple computer, but we are still with the room size DOS computer.  Well times are evolving super fast.  What we know today will be simplistic tomorrow.

Staying “Awed!”

Recognize the majesty and miraculousness of each situation and environment.  Perceive the immense complexity and interconnectedness of everything.

You can not but be awed when you realize at this moment swirling all around you are galaxies and universes large and small of incredible beauty sustaining and maintaining you.

Holographically and energetically you extend throughout the universe and the universe extends throughout you. 

As a practice try to stay perceptually awed by the majesty, beauty, and interconnectedness of your life.

A changed perception of the healer

A new perception of a healer is not one who heals, but of one who is a conduit, a connector to healing power; a catalyst triggering the entry of healing power.

The Reconnection by Dr. Eric Pearl

To be a healer your task is simply to listen (be receptive)…  open yourself up to receive the energy (and information) that allows you to be the catalyst for healing…….  We join the patient and the universe in the generation of a mutual field that consists of love  – in the most exalted meaning of the world – and a state of unity….. the universe then recognizes the needs of the patient….. Eric Pearl

I like Eric’s perception that we need to let go of our stories, our fears, our baggage, our judgements and allow the higher power to direct what it knows needs to done from its higher perspective without the disruption of our ideas, prayers and begging.

If you have an interest in healing or transformation I recommend reading “The Reconnection”, by Eric Pearl 


Staying Positive

If you accept negative information into your energy field it is known that it will have a negative affect on your health and the functioning of your body.

The question is how do we reject negative information and hold onto a positive field of energy that is healthy when we are continually impacted with negative thoughts from acquantences,  family expectations, angry bosses, or small perspective social issues?

The only real answer is to raise our vibration to a higher level.  Choose to stay in gratitude, appreciation, love and admiration.  Love is the light that dispatches the darkness of fear and anger.  Fear and anger can not touch you as long as you stay in grace.


The perception of knowing is worth considering.  In fact what you believe that you know says volumes about you and your probable behavior.

From my studies I have come to realize everything that we think we know is heresay and subject to change.

Compared to what there is to know about the universe, what we know is infinitesimal.

Perhaps some day we will decide that the universe is a big virtual game and all of its rules are subject to change on a whim.

What all of this means is to keep an open mind.  Do not be too disturbed by those who insist they are right no matter what.  Do not become full of yourself thinking that you have a great understanding of things.

Let go and live in the moment without diagnosing and judging every detail.  Pay attention, play, and enjoy your life in awe and amazement at the divine intricacy the details of which we may never discern.

Random acts of Blessing

 What better way is there to practice random acts of kindness than to practice random acts of blessing.


Fear is the absence of love.   Just as darkness is the absence of light.  Bring love, appreciation and understanding into the equation and fear no longer exists.

There is no need to understand everything.  No need to control everything.  One cannot begin to understand or control everything.  Let go and be in the moment.  We are here to experience being in the moment.  Be in this moment and allow light into the darkness.  Face fear with love, appreciation and understanding. Open the door so fear can dissolve.

Leap forward with the healing grace of the universe

When we let go we have the opportunity to leap forward.

We do not heal.  We allow healing.  We catalyze healing.  Allow yourself to recieve energy/information from the universe.  Open with the understanding that you can not understand what is going on nor need to.  Just allow the universe to take charge of any healing that can occur. Let the universe direct transformation as it knows what needs to be done while we can only have a small clue and the small picture.

Step back like the inner judge taking a big perspective.  Swallow the ego’s need to be in control and let God/Universe/Source be in control.  God/Source/Love or Universe does the healing.  I can not possibly know what is going on.  Your purpose is to connect to the energy of the universe and let it do what it needs to do without direction from your small self.   Be grateful and awed when you are allowed to witness transformation.

A higher judge

You can raise your awareness tremendously by changing the job you assign to your inner judge. 

We want to give our inner judge the “Eagles View” the “Holographic View” so that in every situation the judge reacts from  the full picture, the global view.  When we judge others in our encounters we want to have a global understanding that they are acting/reacting the way they do because of their background conditioning.  We will not fly off in anger if someone insults us because from the holographic perspective we (our inner judge) understands they are trapped in their conditioning.  In fact we may be their only hope to get out of their conditioning.

When you interact with a troublesome person you can accept them for what they are because their “package” does not allow them to be any other way.