Death Perception

Use the perception of your impending death to shift your perception to grace and to conquer your ego.

Start every day with the knowledge that today could be the last day of your life. It could be your last week to live. No one knows for sure when their last day will come knocking.

Living with the knowledge of your impending death forces you to live here and now. If you know that this could be your last moments alive then you are going to let go of all of the pettiness of your ego and your dramas and your judgements. You are going to tell everyone that you love them. You are going to love the trees, the sky the earth the children. You are going to love every breath that you take. You are not going to let a moment of now pass you by.

Living with the perception of your pending death is ironicly the death of the judge and the ego that live inside of you. This is because they live in the past and the future. They can not survive in the Now that your impending death forces upon you.

At any moment the Angel of Death can take you. All that you have accumulated is gone as for nothing.

Let go of all your baggage and live each moment each day in the present with the awareness that the Angel of Death is stalking you. Live every moment of your life with love and gratitude for all things people, animals, environment big and small because you want to cherish your last moments. Live now. Do not hold back your love and appreciation because this may be your last chance to express and be a conduit of love.

Death is stalking you. Use death to give you life. Use death to kill the ego, the judge and the dramas. Use death to live here and now free of fears past and future. Use your impending death to shift your perception.

Eye of Your Heart

Perceive the world from the “Eye of Your Heart”.

Let your heart become the center of your being. Let your heart become your eye on the world. Perceive as if from the heart. See what love is showing you. See that your perception is so much better than the perception of the eyes of the ego.

We take this even further letting your heart become your ears on the world. Hear what love is showing you. Feel with your heart. Feel what love is showing you.

Feel, see and hear what love channeled through you to others feels like.

Instead of trying to force the mind to stop, focus on feeling, seeing, and hearing from your heart. Focus on being a unconditional conduit of love.

Make permanent your shift to perceiving the world from your heart. Perceive the world that love has created rather than perceiving the world that ego and mind have created. Seeing from the single eye of the heart we perceive beauty, and love, and grace, and purpose. We live in the heart of beauty, love and grace. We live in the heart as the conduit of beauty, love and grace.

I Am Love

Perceive I am love. Hold this perception. Live this perception.

“I encourage you now to release the perception of evolving consciousness……. ..How can you hold this perspective and keep yourself from falling back into the weighty matters of physical life? The only answer is My presence and the power of silence, the power of the great shift to heart perception.” click Circle of Light

Look at a small child whose needs are met. Especially look at babies who have not learned to use the word. They are living I am love. Children that are not bogged down with baggage of the word are a blessing to see. They are focused here now. They are in joy, in love with life. They are love and joy incarnate.

The greatest gift you can give your children is to teach them how to drop the baggage of the word so they can live –I am love — as adults. This is the most empowering gift you can give anybody.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is to drop the baggage of your own word and live I am love.

Core Beliefs

Identify your core beliefs. Inventory your personal behavioral agreements. Then target them for elimination using compassion and the Four Agreements as your weapons.

Take time to inventory your private agreements that affect your behavior. Inventory your dramas and agreements big and small that produce reactive behavior. Inventory the agreements you made when you were too young to think for yourself. Inventory the agreements you made when your parents and teachers were like gods to you. Now you are old enough and wise enough to choose the agreements that you want running your life. You are old enough to eliminate the agreements that were foisted upon you as a naive young child. You are old enough to write your own software.

Realize that you will have to closely observe your own behavior to detect the agreements that you have made. You see; you make behavioral agreements; and then with repetition, these agreements become automatic and unconscious re-actions. For example, consider the agreements you made when you were learning to drive. Stay on your side of the road, stop for red lights, use your signal. Now you just drive and automatically react by the dictates of the driving agreements you have made. To change your driving agreements and become a safer driver you have to become conscious of your actions again. The same is true when you are making your inventory. You have to make a conscious decision to monitor your behavior to detect the underlying agreement you made at a earlier time in your life. It is not always easy. Many of the underlying agreements were made when you were a toddler with little or no language skills. Often agreements were forced upon you with fear of reprisal. These agreements are determining when you get angry, fearful, happy, creative, adventurous etc. They are actually controlling your whole life.

The first step to eliminate detrimental agreements is awareness. Document your inventory of agreements now. Document your reactive patterns large and small.

For example, you may be dealing with reactive behaviors produced by agreements like the following that you made with your parents or siblings when you were a toddler.

1. You are so shy.
2. You do not tolerate cold weather very well.
3. You are your own worst enemy. (self sabotaging behavior with money, relationships etc).
4. You are like an Oakie. (not sociable articulate or acceptable).
5. You are a sickly person.
6. Some people are born lucky, (not you).
7. You not the prettiest flower in the garden you know.
8. You weight is not acceptable (affecting your sense of self worth).
9. I can’t stand to be around you (you are not worthy).
10. Just shut up and be quiet (your opinions have no value).
11. You are a fussy person.
12. Why are you crying all the time.
13. What is the matter with you.
14. You are always so slow.
15. You never win.
16. You are stubborn.
17. You are not good enough.

Can you see how this type of computer code in your brain has affected your behavior? Do you wonder why teenagers might be rebellious?

What if you were given the following code and accepted these agreements as a toddler?

1. You are brilliant.
2. You are creative.
3. You are beautiful.
4. Everyone loves you.
5. You are a blessing to the world.
6. You are a great speaker.
7. You are a winner.
8. You make friends so easily.
9. You are a blessing to your family.
10. You are so alert and aware.

What if your brain software has both the good and bad codes?

You will be crazy like most everyone else!

We talked about mental programming before in the June 1st post. If you are following this blog then you are becoming more and more aware of your programing and your agreements. You are aware that your agreements create your reactive dramas. You are aware of more ways to eliminate the core beliefs triggering your dramas.

Take a big step today. Write down an inventory of the agreements you accepted when you did not have the awareness and power to resist.

Then you can begin to clear them and replace your detrimental agreements with the new agreements of …… grace, compassion, not taking anything personally, being impeccable with your word, never making assumptions, and always doing your best.
When these become your dominant agreements you make a permanent perceptual shift to concious awareness.

Holding on to Compassion

By holding onto the perception of compassion you can replace your negative dramas.

Everyone deserves compassion even yourself. After all we have all been programed to live out historical dramas.

When you put others first without judgement, with compassion and with consideration… grace and love flows through you and into them. You empower yourself and the other person…  leaving no room for negative dramas to kick in.
This is what we want. We want to identify our dramatic reactions. When you feel a control or emotional drama hooking your perception use it to trigger compassion. Compassion stops the drama dead in its tracks.

This is taking control of your life. You take back the power that you gave to your dramas when you were too young to realize what you were agreeing to. You are forging a new way of life.

Once you identify your dramas it is easy to cancel them with compassion as the dramas trigger.

Single Tasking

Be Here Now.

Everywhere everyone is multitasking. Most are so proud they can do many things at one time. Yet where is their attention. The body is here. The mind is here, there, everywhere. Nobody remembers how to be here now.

You become scattered.

Today as you practice the 4 agreements try to stay with a single task as much as possible. Single tasking trains you to hold your attention.

There is no future and there is no past there is only Now. Be Here Now.

Shift to Unconditional

Make unconditional happen.


Unconditional is just that. Your interactions are not conditional on changing the behavioir of the other person.

To be unconditional means to hold onto appreciation and curiosity in your interactions with others with absolutely no expectation of any return. You don’t take anything personally and you are not making assumptions.

If you are unconditional it is easy to shift your perception to eagle or to another level because no dramas can hook your energy and hold your alignment captive.

Clearing the Hook of Attention

I have noticed that prior to a drama being triggered my attention hooks onto someone and aligns it with something energetic within me. It is as if the drama reaches out to hook onto another so it can come to life feeding on the energy running between the two of us. Like a parasite the drama stays hooked up as long as possible feeding itself fat with energy even if it destroys the relationship. The drama could be fear, anger, hate, whatever….. the hooks go out. The drama activates. All hell breaks loose.

I witness most everyone casting out hooks and spears as their dramas trigger.

If you can just dislodge or disarm your hooks your perception and alignment will float free of any drama.

If you remain unconditional then there is nothing for a drama to hook onto and it can not activate.

Following the lead of the previous post, If we don’t take anything personal and don’t make assumptions we are remaining unconditional, unattached or unhooked.

When we learn to remain unconditional in our relationships then we gain freedom from the world dream, the nightmare….. of historical dramas running over and over and running over us.

The Four Agreements

Change Your Behavioral Agreements

Can you shift out of fear of public speaking? Can you make a giant perceptual shift to erase your major personal phobias? Wouldn’t that be a major personal growth? Would that be a big shift in your perception?

Since I was a very young age I have had ingrained and reinforced over and over in my behavior patterns to fear public speaking and certain personal interactions. No matter what I have tried I still have reluctance and fear of becoming the center of attention. We want to learn to shift our perception far enough to break strong unconscious agreements like this that trigger phobias and negative behaviors.

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz is the textbook for this blog post. I can not over recommend this book. If you read anything read this book. It is short, simple and real. I believe that if you apply the principles of this text you will be able to break unconscious agreements that trigger your grand dramas.

Don Miguel explains that every human becomes domesticated as we accept agreements that others teach us as we grow up. These agreements determine our behavior. Most of these agreements are disempowering, giving power to others of course. Most all of the agreements are fear producing.
Now is your time to question the authority of all of your disempowering agreements you made when your parents and siblings and teachers were Gods to you.

For details read the book. Here we only want the meat.

Don Miguel goes on to say “If you adopt these four new agreements, they will create enough personal power for you to change the entire system of your old agreements.”

The Four Agreements as I summarize them are:

  1. Be impeccable with your word. Do not say or think anything bad about others or your self. Use your word as a tool for Grace and Love. Speak with Integrity, with truth.
  2. Don’t take anything personally. Don’t care what others say or think. This will set you free from your own dramas. What others say and think is a product of their programing.
  3. Don’t make assumptions about others. Have the strength to make your communications with others as clear as possible. Ask direct clear questions to avoid dramas on both sides, to prevent and clear misunderstandings and to learn why they showed up in your life.
  4. Always do your best with the first three agreements. Practice, practice, practice. This perceptual shift will take time. Stay with these agreements You are unwinding your old unconscious drama agreements and replacing them with these three conscious agreements. As you remake your agreements you reclaim your personal power.

Making these Four Agreements your dominant agreements will set you free from indoctrinated reactive dramas.

It took a lifetime to build up the strength of your old agreements and it will take time to build up the strength of these new agreements. If you commit to these new agreements and other perceptual shifts you are learning in this blog and practice them day after day you will become free from your personal dramas.

Beauty All Around Me

I walk with

Beauty before me
Beauty behind me
Beauty above me
Beauty below me,
Beauty all around me
Navajo Night Chant Beauty before me.

This perceptual shift sums up heaven on earth.

Have you been living with the world paradigm? Troubles before me. Troubles behind me. Troubles all around me.

Doesn’t this sound like hell?

You have a choice. Align with heaven, or align with hell. Try to hold onto seeing the beauty all around you with gratitude.

Ho O Pono Pono

Ho O Pono Pono:
                                     I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
                                     Hawaiin healing.

Shifting History


You can shift your perception by rewriting your history your mystory.

You become conscious when you realize that you are not your body, mind, or soul. You are not your personal history or the dramas you live in. These things are your baggage, your inventory, your programing. You realize that you are something completely mysterious that acts through the body mind and soul. You begin to realize that your experiences are rather like dream alignments. You align certain dreams certain acts certain dramas that you then participate in. You realize you can step in and out of the dream of your daily dramas. You realize that the daily dramas that you have been participating in are the result of socialization. Your socialization software controls your behavior until you learn to step out of your dramas.

Almost everyone is completely absorbed by the roles they play. When you try to point out that a behavior is just a role that can be let go, most will instantly add anger to their dramas.

Tell yourself to step above the dramas of daily life and live with the big view.

When you step out of your dramas you realize your ego was part of the drama. You realize your ego is not you. Through identification with your dramas the ego traps the awareness of the self, the real self. You loose yourself in identification with the acts you play. Just Like when you watch a move; you identify with the characters and loose your self in its action. The movie ends and you come back to normal awareness. That is the glory of movies, they let us get out of our own dramas for an hour or two. Unlike the movies your ego does not let go when a drama is finished. The ego moves you on to the next episode, the next drama and keeps your awareness trapped in identity with your roles your personal drama syndications. Your ego is more than happy to run things for you on its historical programing and keep you asleep in your dramas for the rest of your life. Your egos main modus operanda is to rotate you in and out of the of dramas of your life where you alternately take on the roles of victim, victimizer, and savior. Only in extraordinary situations like life and death does the ego relinquish control.

This is simply no way to live. Wake up. Its time to move on.

When you stop to inspect the roles you play in life they begin to look so puny and redundant. I am the savior, I am the victim, I am the victimizer over and over. Look at the stories of almost any ones life. The depiction is a series of these identities. victim, victimizer, savior. It is time to step out of that closet.

You become conscious when you look down upon the dramas of your daily life. From the high vantage point you can choose to change your daily dramas to make them empowering for yourself. You can actually liberate yourself from your daily dramas by rewriting your history by rewriting the scripts of your dramas.
In reality you have to operate in this world surrounded by other peoples dramas. The difference is you learn to act rather than react.

Do you see how your new perception, acting instead of reacting, allows you to completely change the energy dynamics of your relationships. You are no longer being controlled by the dramas of history. You are acting in dramas and facilitating the evolution of others because you are perceiving from outside of the drama. You are bringing energy into the relationship drama instead of stealing it out because you are connected to energy of awareness, grace and creation.

You have shifted your personal history. When you rewrite your personal history, what was awful before can now be viewed as a necessary learning experience. That drama that kept repeating in your life where you kept helping ungrateful people finally taught you to step above the chaos and define your role in a different way. You are no longer the strident savior trapped in your role. You become the aware actor who lives in grace enjoying your part in the production of this dramatic creation.

You dramas defined you as being completely absorbed completely identified with your character parts. Your victimized character you now redefine as just the result of fellow actors acting out their parts in your story following the behaviors scripted by their own historical baggage. You are no longer the victim.

Do you see that behaviors are really unconscious re-act-ions, not conscious act-ions. People re-act according to the scripts they have learned since childhood. You have a choice to act whereas before you could only re-act. Move yourself to higher ground. Move to Eagle perception.

When you have the Eagle’s view you perceive that the victim, victimizer, and savior dramas are software scripts programed into your consciousness from an early age. You perceive that your programing makes you identify your self with your dramas. Your programing traps your self awareness and gives your identity to the Big Program, your ego, your drama. You are not yourself. You are your drama! Ha
Who could of thought of a better way to control people?
Look at the Predator blog a few days back. Remember the Predator eats the energy of your awareness. If the Predator does not exist as an entity then it exists as our historical dramas.

You can step above This Character Identification and choose to act your parts from the context of Eagle, grace, love and beauty. Stop identifying with the dramas of your life. Take part in life in as a conscious empowering channel for creation.

Change your perception of yourself in your history. Leave the perception of yourself as alternately a victim, a abuser, and a savior. Take the part of the conscious actor living at Eagle in love, grace, joy and beauty as you act out your parts on life’s stage.

Because you had your experiences as a victim, an abuser, and a savior you can now be more understanding and emphatic. You are able to grow. You are able to evolve yourself. You are no longer the victim, victimizer, and savior. You are a participatory perceptual awareness. You can now move on. You have the Eagle’s overall perception. You have changed your perception of your his story. You are the perceiver. You are no longer what is perceived. This a VERY BIG shift in perception.

There is that story …. When you grow up in a small town everyone knows your story your history. You are locked in. A consensus builds that defines who you are. That consensus begins to define your self perception. The only way to change your self perception is to move away.

This story is true for all of us. You must move beyond identification with your history. Only then are you free.

The Posture of Man

The Posture that I hold directly affects how I experienc life by affecting where my perception is assembled. To shift your perceptual experience shift your posture and hold it.

Great actors will first study the posture of the person whose role they are going to play. When they can reproduce the unique posture and mannerisms of their character they have mastered their art. Watch the mannerisms and posture of a great actor like Tom Hanks.

Study the postures of others and see if you can feel where they are perceptually.

When I hold my chest out as if extending my heart, feeling centered before the middle of my chest just above armpit level then I feel balanced and strong. This is the posture of being centered. This is the optimum posture for many situations.

Try it. Put your chest out and center yourself there. If you are not used to this posture you may first feel pompous and puffy. Hold it for some time and move into your power. Stay with it as long as you can and see how you feel through out the day. When I am holding this posture I feel balanced, alert, happy and healthy.

Note your posture the next time you feel down or angry or nervous, then try to move your posture back to your center.

It is not a coincidence that many practices designed to alter perception and health have evolved from repeating different postures. Take for example Tai Chi, Yoga, Tensegrity, Ballet, Martial Arts, Sufi Dancing etc.

Yoga is an age old technique for shifting perceptions of health and awareness.
Follow this link to my friends Yoga Products Site Yoga Paws, Yoga Syz.


You can use trees to shift your perception. The mountain and the forest are powerful agents of change if you open your heart.

As I was a child and living in the country, when I walked along the tree shrouded road at twilight I could feel the spirit of the trees. It is not an uncomfortable feeling, but enough of a feeling to move me right along. As adults we seldom let go of our stories long enough to focus on the trees.  Trees are living entities.

Walking among the trees after my run I feel a different awareness of
intelligence without verbosity
an alien feeling, yet a known feeling

a sense of acceptance
of smooth cloud like energetic feeling
a sense of communal energy
a knowing that the force of the earth the sun and the sky is evident in the tree
and is also in you and me

A man shouts.
His energy pierces the peace of the trees
Halting the rhythm of nature
His energy lashes out into the forest like a burning spear
Then his energy grabs what attention it can and steals it back to the man

Slowly the rhythm of nature returns

If you love the trees, if you love the mountains, if you love the world then they can give you a tremendous perceptual boosts when you walk in harmony with them.

A Seperate Reality


The toltecs talk of the Other, or the Dream body as if it is totally separate self capable of independent living and exploration.

Some situations are not resolvable because of the bound up energy (baggage) that exits in the current environment. Clearing or cleaning the your baggage or inventory may be impossible or extremely slow.

When faced with this situation you can intend to shift your perception to a Separate Reality. Bizarre as it seems you can explore, develop relationships and process issues without all the baggage and oppressive energy in this reality.

You can align a Separate Reality. Your separate Reality is somewhere between here and your dreams. The type of Separate Reality you decide to align depends on your INTENT.

You can align a Separate Reality and maintain your sanity in this one. You can keep your Separate Reality separate from this one.

I found that I was able to resolve an issue that has been bothering me with this perceptual shift.