When we interact with one another our energies entangle affecting each other.  As our energies entangle you can intend (at the heart or quantum level or possibly emotional level) to allow the best possible outcome to manifest as your energy body’s interactions catalyzes a re-framing of the structure of our individual energy structures.

This is a very deep statement.  It encompasses

  • That we are nothing but consciousness manifesting as vibrational energies and forms. That our energies extend beyond us infinitely connecting us to everything. 
  • That as we interact from a powerful energetic position our energies combine and allow the transformation of us into something new.  (Allowing profound insights, healing or perceptual awareness.)
  • That our energetic power center is where we are aligned with the emotions of love, grace, peace and joy.
  • That this is a new way of relating to others.  (Intending the best possible outcome for us.)
  • That we can intend powerful perceptual experiences and transformations way bey0nd what has been accepted as normally humanly possible.

As in Aesop’s fables there is a moral here.  The moral of the story is that you should begin to practice intending the best possible outcomes from your heart state for all of your interactions.  You should maintain an emotional measurement of how succussful you are being.

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