river of peace

river of peace

Unconditional Love

When you shift to unconditional love and stay there, that is enough.

You do not have to go any further.

check out this video. Click – Don Miguel Ruiz

River of Peace

Drop the hyper kinetic mind and shift to the Peace That Passes All Understanding.

Give Peace a Chance. John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band shifting people from 1960′s crazyness to Peace. After 40 years it still makes my hair stand on end to listen to this.

watch – John on UTube

The Beatle’s Band and their memebers […]

The Way of the Heart

Today, Intend your Perception from your Heart.

Giving energy (love energy) is the secret to staying connected to the source of all the energy you will ever need. When you give energy (of love and appreciation) it flows into you first. When you give this energy to one another it builds……… Gleaned from the Celestine Prophecy […]

The Beginning

The INTENT of this blog is to explore and expand ways to move into levels of perception beyond the ordinary.  The intent of this blog is to be a forum and a journal for exploring beneficial alternate states of perceptual awareness.

…….they choose to change the way they perceive……. and participate consciously in their biological, emotional, […]