4th dimensional

4th dimensional

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Much to-do is being made about the Earth making the shift into 4th dimensional awareness.

As I understand it, in 4th dimensional reality, what you think is your reality.  You create your reality immediately as it comes into consciousness.  What you see out the window is what you just thought/felt within yourself.

In order to survive under such dimensional rules, negativity and duality can no longer exist.  What a different world that would be.

Is this the world of the heart we are pursuing where everything is knowingly interconnected through love as a oneness?   Is the 4th dimension unlike our world of the mind where everything is separated and divided into its constituents infinitely and infinitely smaller separate and distinct?

Many questions exist…….  Is it possible for the whole planet to make the adjustments necessary for such a shift?  Or is it only possible for each of us to come to the shift one by one as we singularly come aware?  Is it possible that once enough of us make the 4th dimensional shift that we will catalyze the rest of the world into the 4th dimension?  In 4th dimensional reality will technology of the heart replace technology of the mind?  Our very feelings will propel us to whatever place and reality we wish to visit?  As the problems of this world are felt away, where will the adventures of tomorrow take us?  Is this shift for real or is it a pollyanna concept reserved for the rare enlightened individual?  Will the Earth shift in 2012 or 2013?

By what mechanism can the fears of the masses be dissolved so that their underlying love determines what they manifest?  (Perhaps this is a question for each of us. What can we do to dissolve the fears of those around us?  What can we do to understand ourselves that underneath all of the tyranny and abberations in human behavior is that desire to love and be loved?)


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