accept what is

accept what is

Accept What Is

The mind will trap your perception and hold your energy in an endless loop of why and why not, yes I can no I can’t.

You want to free your energy so you can shift your perception.

In emotional situations the mind becomes like a tornado, a vortex sucking up all of your attention and energy. It goes round and round like a dog chasing its tail.

To disempower the tornado of the mind ………… Accept What Is.

Accept what is. Accept what was. Accept what could be. Accept that you cannot accept everything.
You can read volumes of books on acceptance but this is all you need. Accept what is.

When you accept life as it is then you have the energy to shift your perception to a higher perspective and contemplate that there is a purpose for everything. Then you can contemplate what this situation is trying to teach you. Then you can move your perception from anger, fear, or despair to love, gratitude and understanding.

There is an old saying, I can not recall where it came from right now; “Your Greatest Problems are Your Greatest Blessings”.

Life is your Guru, if you pay attention.
Accept what is. Stay in Grace. Stay in gratitude.

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