allowing peripheral perceptions

allowing peripheral perceptions

We want to expand our “peripheral” perceptual awareness.  We want to allow more information to enter our conscious awareness that we have learned to block as part of our upbringing.  We want to allow our conscious mind a chance to perceive  those peripheral images and feelings that arise up from the subconscious because now we know that they have deep meaning and wisdom for us.  We want to be conscious of more visions, feelings and information that is being held back by our personal editors.

This blog is concerned with expanding perceptual experiences.  The conscious mind is capable of processing about 8 or 10 bits of information per second versus 7 million or more bits/second for the subconscious mind.  We are looking for ways to get the subconscious to release more information to the conscious mind.

For this purpose we have to stop and realize that we have authorized our mental gatekeepers to limit what we perceive consciously.  Most of us have learned to edit out all of the imaginary and fantastical images of our childhood. 

We are looking for ways to authorize our conscious and subconscious to allow more information through to our conscious awareness.  Allow  imagination and images and feelings because there is meaning here.  It is said that the subconscious mind communicates in images and feelings.  We want to learn to see more of these images and understand what they mean to us.

Possibly the easiest way to become more aware of what the subconscious sees and feels is to ask your subconscious to allow more information through.  Then give yourself the intent to pay attention to the visions and feelings that you would have completely ignored before.   For me this seems to be working.  I am noticing in my quiet moments sometimes I will see images.  Sometimes the images are of objects sometimes they are of abstractions.  As I get these images I am asking myself what do they mean to me and how are they useful to me.  Sometimes I get an answer from my subconscious, sometimes a feeling such as the previous post with the eyes.

As we progress to develop better techniques to allow information flow between the concious and unconcious minds we should be able to learn better and better techniques for perceptual awareness of the useful information retained by our subconscious.

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