antennas of plants

antennas of plants

Have you ever perceived that the shape of many trees look like natural antennas.  On some trees, especially palms, pines and cedars the spines look like antenna arrays. Indeed the veins on the leaves of most plants look like collection arrays as well.

When man makes an antenna it is to receive energy and information.  Do you think that nature is any less?

We see plants and trees tuning in on the sun to gather energy, but is it possible that they are gathering more, they are gathering information possibly from their immediate and distant environment?  If they are gathering information, then just what kind of information are they gathering, and can we tune into it?

We already know from studies as documented in books like The Secret Life of Plants, that plants can detect and react to the emotions and intentions of people in their proximity.  Is it possible that plants are so much more than we give them credit for?  What if plants are a link to ……………… ?

What do you do with that?  Perhaps we should be giving a whole lot more attention and respect to the plants in our world than we have been.

update…  We should consider that if plants function as antennas, then they probably function to transmit information as well as receive it.  Most likely if plants receive and transmit information then they must store information as well.  Does it make sense that plants are an intelligence all of their own, distinctly different than that of man?  A form of intelligence must be there if plants react to the presence and emotions of humans? 

The final upshot is……… What can plants teach us about the universe we live in as we tune in to the wisdom they have?  How do we tune in to their great wisdom.  It is said Buddha was enlightened under the Bodhisattva tree.  Moses went into the wilderness before he came back to lead the tribe of Israel.  It seems many if not all ancient enlightened leaders gained their enlightenment with the assistance of nature.  Are we missing out on the great wisdom of nature simply from ignorance of awareness of this source?  What great information have the trees and plants gathered from galaxies and universes and dimensions far away in the starlight they have collected and gathered among themselves?  What wisdom have they been waiting for millenia to share?  My instinct is we have much to learn from the plant world that we will never be able to understand through the science of biology.  Biology needs to be re-framed to include the study of the intelligence and perceptual awareness of plants.

Respect the plants of the world, and you show respect for the created and the creator.

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