It is an unfortunate fact of life for most of us that we have to deal with all sorts of personal assaults by less aware souls manipulated by fear, anger, lust and greed.

The intent is to transform or redirect those energies assulted at us.  If you try to change the assulter you become like them, intending to force your will upon others.

A personal assault is an opportunity to redirect the energy since it was willfully extended it to you.  The question is, “How do you redirect and transform the energy that would do you harm?” —- Without becoming entangled and infected with the energetic intent of the assault?

Life is the teacher, so there is a learning in assault  1.) Learn to maintain impeccable composure, purity of your own thought, clarity and the state of Grace in the face of dark forces.  2.) Intend to deflect, reflect, or step aside from the intent of any assault.  3.) Know an abuser harbors a damaged child inside, or is infected with dark forces.  4.)  Know that victim/abuser dramas attract one another.  Refuse to be a victim or a abuser.  Don’t be a victim allowing a hostile work environment for example.  4.)  Seek to be the conduit of healing grace.

Their energy is connected to my energy field.  I can collapse that connection and allow the best possible outcome as the connection reforms.

I see the possibility to collapse victim/abuser patterns all the way up to it’s original source which could be generations removed or many levels of management removed.  Once people start collapsing negative patterns upstream we will see major social changes.

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