believe what is true

believe what is true

Your core beliefs create your boundries and limits.  What you believe, boxes you into the very form dictated by that belief.  This is TRUTH.

Now you know.  If you have been following this blog,  you are aware.  You are NOT your old beliefs. You are not your programing.  You are not the dream of your mind.  You are not the limitations of your mind.  You are not your body.  You are not your soul. You aren not the property of your boss, your parents,  your spouse, your country or your church.

You are life force.  You are awarness eternal, free and infinite.

Accept the reality of the perception of your real self. Surrender to your new awareness to live with  boundless beliefs. You are life force.  You are love expressed through your heart.  You live in Heaven on Earth because you believe you can. You are a piece of God eternal.  You love every moment of your life because you believe you do.  You are free to love without drama because you believe you can.  You live unhooked by daily dramas because you believe you can.  Your relationships are all perfect because you believe they are.  It doesn’t matter that others have yet to awake from their dreams, everything is perfect because you believe it is.  Miracles occur in your life daily because you BELIEVE they do.

This is the Power of Belief.

Yes you are awake.  Yes you are aligned with your heart center.  You are aligned with your creator.  Yes miracles do occur in your life every day because you believe they do.  Hold onto this perceptual shift.

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