best friend

best friend

Best Friend

He loves you every single time you meet without fail. At any moment of danger he is immediately ready to lay down his life for you.

Who is this warrior?

You dog always loves you unconditionally. He is always ready to defend you from any attack. He is always giving you energy. This is his perceptual shift. Part of it is his genetic heritage. Part is learned. Man is the wolf’s natural enemy, yet your dog will always put you above the wild pack.

There is something to be learned here. When your dog is at rest at your feet try to align with his perception. Perceive as he perceives. Feel what unconditional love is. Stay with this shift for a while. After you are comfortable try to move the shift to include nature around you. Feel what it is like to unconditionally love your environment. Move the shift slightly to include all that is. Stay with this shift as long as possible.

As you practice shifting you are becoming more and more fluid.

You can practice aligning other animals and birds to experience their perceptual views. Practice shifting your perception beyond the human realm. Move your alignment into the realm of the eagle, the butterfly, the flower, the jaguar, and the planet.

Each new shift opens a universe of experience and opportunity for you.

One time I moved my perception to experiencing as a seagull that was circling high above with many other birds. To my amazement this very bird flew down and landed right in front of me to look me over like only a seagull can.

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