body awareness

body awareness

Shift your perception to feeling the energy and life inside of your body.  This perceptual shift holds your awareness out of the ego. Learn to hold this awareness as you interact with others throughout the day.

Learn this shift by practicing holding your awareness on the aliveness inside your hands.  Move your perception to also include the aliveness in your upper torso, then lower torso, then head, legs, feet and arms.  Hold awareness of the aliveness of your whole body. 

Next practice walking in nature and holding your awareness in your alive body while perceiving where you are.  As you practice this perception you can broaden it to use throughout your working day.  As you hold your perception on your energy body and your relationships throughout the day you will find that your sense of Presence and enjoyment increases greatly.

It almost seems like a paradox: When you are in touch with the inner body, you are not identified with your body anymore, nor are you identified with your mind…    Eckart Tolle from – A New Earth.

Like the breathing exercise the intent of this exercise is to shift your perceptual awareness into presence and out of the mind!

An example of a person with great presence is an athlete or dancer who retains their body awareness even when they are relating to others.  If you can grasp their alignment you can seek to copy and hold it for yourself.

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