book review transformation by ed silvoso

book review transformation by ed silvoso

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I just finished reading Transformation Change the Marketplace and Change the World, by Ed Silvoso and I found that it is very good book and points out the strengths of the Christian way versus the secular way of improving the world.  Even if you are not Christian you will find many nuggets of wisdom in this book. There is something to be said for the concept of allowing the higher power to transform your world rather than trying to force change on the world through the power of will and effort.

Another factor of forgiveness that Ed discusses is the holistic flow of forgiveness.  As transgressions of one individual affect us all, also forgiveness by one affect everyone.  In fact one person forgiving can and has started a snowball down the mountain that affects us all.

Ed has a website with several mentoring videos that are good.  This is the link to his website and an excellent video on forgiveness.


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