born again

born again

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… do not be a hypocrite and walk forward and proclaim yourself born again and then walk forward in hatred.  In hating peoples lifestyles or what they do – standing in judgment… for that is hypocrisy and that is you being trapped….. Do not stand in judgement……….  this is the point where you give yourself over to your higher self and are freed from the negativity.  Jesus said “Love, Love All and Do Not Judge or you will be judged for this is your Karma coming back to you reaping as you have sown in judgement – do not judge anyone.    from  Metatron this is the Clarion Call by R Mackenzie.

 Where you find yourself judging, replace that with love.  You know that the higher self dwells trapped within the other person.  So  take the path of aware discernment.  Observe others and love them, rather than judging them.  This is the way to garner your own freedom and lift up the world. 

This is the way you free yourself from negativity and fear.  Stop judging and be loving to all.  Simple..Reasonable..Intelligent..“Press the apply button in your own personal software and reap the rewards now.”

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