brave heart

brave heart

Brave Heart

Be of Brave Heart with the courage to stand centered in your Heart. 

This path of perceptual shifting that we are pursuing is not for a path for the weak.

It is a very strong man or woman who can stand with integrity before the world centered in his or her heart.  In the egocentric world to stand for Grace is considered to be a sign of weakness or feeble mindedness.  The exact opposite is actually true.  Only the brave and the strong can stand before their peers and act with integrity from their heart and not be turned back by the power of social conditioning. Contrary to current social conditioning you can be heart centered and stand strong against a breach of your own integrity.  You will be a rare person, but you can do it.

Your ego and your Judge will fight you because the shift to the heart perception is their death.  The ego and the Judge of society and the ego and the  judge in other individuals will resist you as their control is challenged by your Grace perception. 

The social ego will try to discredit your Grace as nothing more than hormonal, biological, or sexual.  If you become a role model then society will seek to tear you down. 

From the Grace of your heart you know that unconditional love is a seperate reality than biological lust.  Each has its place. Lust will remain under the influence of the ego and Grace will never be.

If you make a determination to be strong and persevere then you have a chance to reclaim the free will that you were born with.  You have a chance to reclaim the Grace perception of your childhood with the wisdom of an adult.

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