breathe into here and now

breathe into here and now


There is a trick Eckhart Tolle teaches to bring your awarness out of your mind into the here and now at least for a few seconds. ….. Ask yourserlf ……  “Am I breathing.”

Eckhart Tolle is a great shifter of perception.  I  highly recommend his books. When you practice “Am I breathing”, your attention will move to your breathing which is here and now and for a time you will move out of your mind into Now.  Being present in the Here and Now is a powerful perceptual shift.

Breath control plays a big part in many shaministic traditions.  It is said the the Hawaiin’s were shocked to see European explorers pray without first preparing themselves with their breathing.

THE PRESENCE PORTAL supports the experiential exploration initiated by the books, THE PRESENCE PROCESS and ALCHEMY OF THE HEART.  This website explores breath control.

We will be exploring various breath control techniques as this blog progresses.

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