building power

building power

Building Power

Your ability to shift your perception to areas outside of normal depends on the amount of energy you have available to use.

You need energy to have the Power to shift your awareness.  If you are weak and drained you will not be able to hold a new shift.

When you are young you have an abundance of energy.  Your energy is not yet bound into reactive dramas focused on the past and future.  Your energy is available here for use now. Life is beautiful, fun, a joy, and you play.

As you grow older the Parasite and the Judge grow stronger within you and those old tapeworms begin to sap more and more of your energy until there is little left for you except to live in the past and future.  Each individual is unique.  Some retain greater awareness and energy than others.  Our goal is to retake our energy from the worm.

Build the energy you will need to maintain perceptual shifts. Build your personal energy by controling your appetites, exercising, stalking your awareness and living with integrity in Grace.

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