building presence

building presence

Building Presence

Progressing through the adventure of this blog it has become obvious that building Presence, staying perceptually aware in the present moment, is an important milestone in personal developement.

Many of the techniqes discussed in previous posts will help you to shift to be more present. 

As you build your Presence, you become aware of being present in the moment more and more of the time. You spend less and less time in the daydreams and dramas of the mind.   As you build your own Presence you bring more of your real infinite self into life’s interactions.  You can not be present and be in a reactive mental drama at the same time.  By being present, your own  issues will resolve

As you relate to others from Presence, you open the window for them to enter Presence.  You assist others in stepping out of their reactive dramas into Presence.

Practicing Presence you  begin to see more presence in yourself and others as you interact. Intentionally look for those moments when you perceive something special coming through the stillness in yourself and others.  Look for that posture of awareness in others that says I am here. Seek to copy presence awareness when you see it.  Bring your sense of Presence forward in your  own posture and your own alertness.  Practice Presence.

It is funny, most of our lives we are trained to practice non awareness, non Presence, to give up our perceptual awareness because the Mind Machine wants you to function as a robotic extension.  Well now you have the tools to become your creative self again.  You have the ability to become more perceptually aware.  You can break the shackles of the collective mind machine and be here now.  Your reward is the loss of your reactive behavior.

 In Presence you are able to love, appreciate, enjoy, without condition and without attachment.

As a word of caution, do not point out to others that they are unconscious or reactive.  You will just push them deeper into reactive behaviours.  It is better to bring your presence into your relationship with them, and to see if you can perceive  presence returning to them.

A measure of your growth towared full awareness is to measure what percentage of your time you are able to live in the present moment without daydreams and dramas.

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