It seems like so much of life is a charade, a masquerade designed to keep everyone distracted or in the dark about who is really controlling the world.  Politics, professional sports, religion, corporate employment, entertainment all seem designed to preoccupy awareness so that you never question the status quo, so that you are easily manipulated.  You become a resource to someone or something.  Like a mineral resource…….. the term is human resource.

To these people, resources are to be used and expended.  Your only value to them is to be used, ie enslaved.  Don’t fall into that trap.

Your responsibility is to become aware, to be perceptual, to enable yourself to live a lifestyle immune from overt control.  This is a different lifestyle, but you can choose to be perceptually aware and work to maintain your personal independence. 

Who is behind the curtain?  From the Wizard of Oz.

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