Each moment is an opportunity to choose love and appreciation.

Do Not let anything egoic bump you from love and appreciation. 

I have experienced holding the shift of grace and appreciation and really enjoying my life  only to loose it as my ego locked onto the situation.  The ego can set you back for days, years, even the rest of your life.  My lesson from this experience is not to fall back into ego, but to fall back into appreciation and let the ego go. Deny your ego the authority to take you out of your heart perception of love and appreciation.  Your heart is stronger than your mind when you hold your focus there. Just remain unconditional.  Remain neutral.  Do not allow conditions to creep into your love and appreciation.

Hold onto gratitude and appreciation like it is your life preserver and you are in a storm tossed sea.  Hold onto your heart perceptions.  Do Not let go.  Do not let the mind talk you into letting go.  Do not let the drama of past experience reappearing scare you into letting go.  Let go and you drown in the ego mind. Love your life.  Love your world.  Your choice is to hold onto love and let the mind go.

Breath by breath you choose the world you live in. You choose the world of the ego or the heart. Every moment that choice displays in front of you as the world that Love built or the world of fear and pain and the belief in separation from this Good, this joy, this ecstasy that I Am.  Yael and Doug Powell

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