clear sky consciousness

clear sky consciousness

Consciousness has distinct types.  There is the consciousness that equates with the experiential world that is the ever flowing stream of thoughts and sensations.  Then there is a background consciousness that is the perceptual awareness of this flowing stream. The background consciousness is like an open clear sky and the  thoughts, experiences and sensations are like passing clouds swept to and fro by the prevailing winds of the day.

A goal is to rest in open sky consciousness and participate in daily life and not get lost in the stream of experiences as if they are you.  The goal is to be the clear sky self and to bring that self into the fleeting cloud consciousness.

First he taught me to relax and feel my breath carefully which helped to focus and quiet my mind.  Then he taught me to just mindfully notice the stream of thoughts and sensations without reacting to them as a problem.  Finally he taught me the most important lesson, to rest in consciousness itself.   41 “The Wise Heart, by Jack Kornfield.”

The act of observing something changes it. The act of observing life from clear sky consciousness changes you and changes life.  (comments welcome)

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