clearing the hook of attention

clearing the hook of attention

Clearing the Hook of Attention

I have noticed that prior to a drama being triggered attention hooks and aligns it with something energetic within. It is as if the drama reaches out to hook another so it can come to life feeding on the energy running between the two. Like a parasite the drama stays hooked up as long as possible feeding itself fat with energy even if it destroys the relationship. The drama could be based on fear, anger, hate, whatever….. the hooks go out. The drama activates. All hell breaks loose.

If you can just remain compassionate the hooks will not lodge into your ego and drain your energy. If you detach there is no drama. Conflict requires that you participate.

When we learn to remain compassionate in our relationships then we gain freedom from the world dream, the nightmare….. of historical dramas running over and over and running over us.

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