coin of the realm

coin of the realm

The true coin of the realm of earth is Freedom.

We trade our freedom for coins, and for promises of coins.  Strange huh? 

We trade our freedom for the promise of freedom in the future.  Usually that future never arrives.

We trade our freedom to operators who gives us coins with which we can buy freedom later….. freedom to eat, to travel, to shop , to feed our children etc.


What I am trying to understand is why and how this system came about.  A man gains freedom from accumulating anything made by the creator.  How did this come to be if originally man was created free as a bird, in the creators image, ie with the ability to create or access all that he needs?

Is it possible that the capacity to create is lost when one begins to covet that which another has?  And freedom is lost in the same fell swoop?  Greed cancels creativity cancels freedom?

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