coincidence control

coincidence control

When you believe in miracles, miracles happen.  It is not just coincidence.

Recently I have been reading books by Alberto Villodo.  He has a school for training Shamans.  His group is a very small group of eclectic individuals in the population of billions in the world.

What happens today is, I am giving a customer a coin from Cuba with a hummingbird on it and she tells me her sister will love it.  My customer, Tia goes on to say “She is in a school training to be a shaman”.  Upon inquiry I learn that the teacher is none other than Alberto Villodo.

Others call this just a coincidence.  Coincidence is the occurence of experiences that are statisticly nearly impossible.  When you start to see one coincidence after another you realize they are miracles. If you read the Celestine Prophecy series you can learn more about seeming coincidences.  You learn that coincidences are there to teach us.  I recieved postive feedback from this coincidental interaction.

As you grow in perceptual awareness you will see that seeming coincidences are another form of  miracles that happen every day.

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