The moment you were conceived you were created complete in and of yourself. 

The idea that you need anything outside of yourself to maintain your completeness is false.  The paradox is that everything is interconnected and interdependent yet each created being is created whole and complete. Each of us are complete in our capacity to fulfill our own needs in harmony with the world.  A sunflower seed and a birds egg is complete.  A concieved human is complete in template, design, and power.  We are created complete.  It is only through the introduction of dependency indoctrination that the sense of completeness is lost.

One should not have a dependence on any other being to maintan their sense of completeness.  When interconnectedness leads to dependence the ego is created and freedom is lost.

 The question is, How do you or I maintain a sense of completeness while living interdependently?

An answer is to learn to maintain the sense of completeness and connectedness through the force of  will and intent.   When you maintain your sense of completeness you self generate your own perspectives, your own happiness, your own answers to the questions that come to you.

Another answer is to teach your children that they are perfect and complete and fully capable of fulfilling their own needs in harmony with the rest of the world.

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