concious living

concious living

A goal of this blog is to encourage conscious living.

By conscious living, I mean living with an awareness of being conscious while being immersed in everyday life. 

Practice bringing conscious awareness off your non form essence into your daily life.

Conscious living is different from normal living in that you are awake. You are concious of being concious. You are awake to being aware of your own presence.  In normal living you are not aware of your own consciousness you are only aware of what is happening in your head and in the world.  You are dreaming.  In normal living you are living in a dream of reactivity.  In conscious living you have awakened from the dream.  In conscious living as you are perceiving the world you are also perceiving your own conscious presence.  When you are consciously present your dream reactivity and random inner dialogue is suspended.

It is important to remain conscious of being conscious aware of your own presence and to live consciously. 

Conscious conciousness is an evolutionary perceptual shift that you make when you intend it and practice it until your habit is to be awake.  The benefit is you bring your true self into life and you eliminate reactivity and random internal dialogue.  (The previous post emphasizes a technique to stay awake and conscious.)

As a side note:  I was practicing remaining conscious of being conscious when I went for my walk around the park.  When I passed a fragrant bush I saw a butterfly was hovering around.  I held out my finger and the small animal flew to the perch of my index finger.  The butterfly sat there for a few seconds and we looked at each other and then he went on with his own life…  This type of thing does not happen to me when I am in normal “sleeping” awareness.

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