connecting the heart with microcosmic orbit meditation

connecting the heart with microcosmic orbit meditation

When you give love, kindness and openness you will feel your heart open.  The healing force from the universe will pour down on you and out to the people you wish to help simultaneously.

Practice the microcosmic orbit circulation.  Concentrate on the point opposite the heart and feel it connect to the heart  center in the front.  This will help open the heart.  Feel the back and front connected like a funnel.  Once the heart is open it will be very easy to receive energy from the universe.

Opening the Microcosmic Orbit is very important, since this will allow the energy to circulate, balance, recycle and transform.  “Mantac Chai, pg 80 Chi Nei Tsang.”

pg 54 With the practice of collecting and circulation of cosmic particle chi and tree energy you can quicken the process of energy absorption and transformation without overheating your system or creating a problem of energy indigestion.  The energy is immediately useful. First open the energy channels within yourself.

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