core beliefs

core beliefs

Core Beliefs

Identify your core beliefs. Inventory your personal behavioral agreements. Then target them for elimination using compassion and the Four Agreements as your weapons.

Take time to inventory your private agreements that affect your behavior. Inventory your dramas and agreements big and small that produce reactive behavior. Inventory the agreements you made when you were too young to think for yourself. Inventory the agreements you made when your parents and teachers were like gods to you. Now you are old enough and wise enough to choose the agreements that you want running your life. You are old enough to eliminate the agreements that were foisted upon you as a naive young child. You are old enough to write your own software.

Realize that you will have to closely observe your own behavior to detect the agreements that you have made. You see; you make behavioral agreements; and then with repetition, these agreements become automatic and unconscious re-actions. For example, consider the agreements you made when you were learning to drive. Stay on your side of the road, stop for red lights, use your signal. Now you just drive and automatically react by the dictates of the driving agreements you have made. To change your driving agreements and become a safer driver you have to become conscious of your actions again. The same is true when you are making your inventory. You have to make a conscious decision to monitor your behavior to detect the underlying agreement you made at a earlier time in your life. It is not always easy. Many of the underlying agreements were made when you were a toddler with little or no language skills. Often agreements were forced upon you with fear of reprisal. These agreements are determining when you get angry, fearful, happy, creative, adventurous etc. They are actually controlling your whole life.

The first step to eliminate detrimental agreements is awareness. Document your inventory of agreements now. Document your reactive patterns large and small.

For example, you may be dealing with reactive behaviors produced by agreements like the following that you made with your parents or siblings when you were a toddler.

1. You are so shy.
2. You do not tolerate cold weather very well.
3. You are your own worst enemy. (self sabotaging behavior with money, relationships etc).
4. You are like an Oakie. (not sociable articulate or acceptable).
5. You are a sickly person.
6. Some people are born lucky, (not you).
7. You not the prettiest flower in the garden you know.
8. You weight is not acceptable (affecting your sense of self worth).
9. I can’t stand to be around you (you are not worthy).
10. Just shut up and be quiet (your opinions have no value).
11. You are a fussy person.
12. Why are you crying all the time.
13. What is the matter with you.
14. You are always so slow.
15. You never win.
16. You are stubborn.
17. You are not good enough.

Can you see how this type of computer code in your brain has affected your behavior? Do you wonder why teenagers might be rebellious?

What if you were given the following code and accepted these agreements as a toddler?

1. You are brilliant.
2. You are creative.
3. You are beautiful.
4. Everyone loves you.
5. You are a blessing to the world.
6. You are a great speaker.
7. You are a winner.
8. You make friends so easily.
9. You are a blessing to your family.
10. You are so alert and aware.

What if your brain software has both the good and bad codes?

You will be crazy like most everyone else!

We talked about mental programming before in the June 1st post. If you are following this blog then you are becoming more and more aware of your programing and your agreements. You are aware that your agreements create your reactive dramas. You are aware of more ways to eliminate the core beliefs triggering your dramas.

Take a big step today. Write down an inventory of the agreements you accepted when you did not have the awareness and power to resist.

Then you can begin to clear them and replace your detrimental agreements with the new agreements of …… grace, compassion, not taking anything personally, being impeccable with your word, never making assumptions, and always doing your best.
When these become your dominant agreements you make a permanent perceptual shift to concious awareness.