creating personal space

creating personal space

Creating Personal Space

Even though I have felt _ (fill in your feeling)_   I choose to live in a unshakable field (of personal space) of Grace, Adventure, Confidence, and Fun. 

This powerful EFT tapping statement incorporates the concept of “Creating Space” that is essential to many transformational systems.  Uniquely, here, the space you are creating and holding is your own personal space.  Go through the 9 step tapping sequence, and see how you feel in your own personal space before and after.  (Review previous EFT tapping if you need a refresher.)

You can fill in the blanks with whatever you want to work on. You can change the wording to suit your personality and goals.  The intent is to Create and inhabit your own unshakably powerful personal space.  This is the key to being comfortable in your own skin.  No one can impact your personal space without your permission.  It is your domain and your kingdom.

I have found that EFT is one of the easiest and most beneficial transformational systems to learn.  You can literally learn this system in 5 minutes and perceive change in your own life often immediately.  I highly recommend the book and movie “Try it on Everything“.  by Patricia Carrington.  You can also learn about tapping from a free “Tapping Solutions Ebook at

Again, EFT is a simple tapping technique based on accupuncture that is often very effective in reducing pain and inducing transformation.  You tap out problems and tap in solutions.  EFT collapses the cause of pain. (Like matrix, when doing tapping we want to get in touch with real feelings and real emotions.)

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