creating space

creating space

Creating Space entails making room for non mental awareness to enter which necessarily pauses the mind.   Creating space is a euphemism for making room for consciousness awareness to enter.  As noted on this blog there are many ways to pause the mind.

Some people have a natural habit of making space when they are contemplating solving solutions.  They combine their question with quiet contemplation.  The contemplative stop may only be a few seconds, yet it can be enough for awareness to grasp something intelligent. (This is similar to a previous post where we discussed cultivating Gaps.)

Others create space to experience awareness of their Source.  Meditation is an example of this type of shifting.

Old traditions make space for spirit consciousness with rituals.  The traditions are like wafting smoke, wine and bread, engaging the four directions,  chanting, drumming, dance, exercise,  martial arts, yoga and more.

Each tradition or technique creates space without mind, making room creating a pause in psychological time allowing  awareness to enter normal life.

You can create space in your daily life during your daily interactions by making it your habit to intend to create gaps  allowing awareness beyond form to enter.

Eckhart Tolle says that the main purpose of each of us is to bring awareness and consciousness (from beyond form) into this moment.

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