creating your own perception

creating your own perception

Quoted directly from The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

Every circumstance, every intent, and every meeting of every person — everything that you live — is because of what you have been thinking about, wondering about, pondering, remembering, observing, considering and imagining…. You are literally thinking your life into being.

When you accept that you are right now, in the process of creating things that wil manifest into your experience, and you are deliberately guiding your thoughts to good-feeling ideas… your future manifested experience will be filled with things that will delight you as they unfold into your experience.

The authors go on to explain that we can learn to guide our thoughts by observing our emotions and improving on the the thoughts that create our emotions.  So as you go through your day, strive to continually reach for the best possible emotions that you can hold onto.  Nothing is more important than maintaining the perception of feeling good because from here your reality manifests.

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