creation unfolding

creation unfolding

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It has been a long time since I have posted here.  My life is continuing to evolve, sometimes backwards sometimes forwards. We would like to have more forwad movent of course.

Recently I have read a book called “Secrets of the Vine”.  The author is quite Biblical and Christian, but the philosophy of the book easily transcends both (nothing against either of course).  The philosipohy is that there is something great to be gained by seeking to remain concious of the creator, to abide in the creator as the author puts it.

One can practice being in present awareness of their God or spiritual guide.  The benefit being that one places their awareness in the center of creation, the center of abundance.  Abundance is a popular thing for many who are feeling lack.

Try this little thought for a moment.  Focus on being aware of creation now.  Focus your attention on the growing grass and trees and all of the molecular motions accompanying this.  Focus your attention on the ever changing evolving weather.  Pretend for a moment that time has speeded up and you can see all of these macroscoptic and microscopic movements and changes as creation unfolds in plants, animals, humans, thoughts, machines, weather and the universe. Feel yourself presently aware of your current situation and the the ongoing flow of micro and macro changes.  It is a momentus stupendus experience if you can embrace it.

If you can hold this creation awareness it is a beautiful thing to behold.  Experince holding the hand of your God or spiritual guide as they enable your awareness to expand to hold the ongoing unfoldment of creation.  What comes to mind is the scene in the video of the Peacefull Warrior where Dan Millman is holding the hand of his mentor on the college bridge and he sudenly sees/feels/experiences the unfolding beauty of creation happening now.

Back to the book by Bruce Wilkinson…. the premise is that…. you can abide in abundance by embracing God and maintaining awareness of his/her presence. Indeed, if you embrace God and hold the awareness of creation unfolding you can not help but be aware of the ceaseless flow of abundance.

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