cultivating gaps

cultivating gaps

Cultivate gaps in the flow of your thoughts to shift your perception to awareness of your essential beingness.

A Gap is a momentary break in the flow of thoughts.  A gap occurs when you first perceive something before your mind names it.  For a second you begin to sense true essence of the perception.  Then the mind obscures your view with a label a definition a name of what you are seeing. 

Gaps in thoughts occur when your monkey mind stops for any reason.  The cultivation of gaps in the flow of thoughts is the intent of meditation.

Learn to catch perceptual gaps and make space for gaps as you interact with others.  When you catch a gap, awareness comes through from your true self.  Spontanious right action comes from the awareness that comes out of the gap.  Practice slowing down a bit to catch the  gaps before thought obscures reality.  After a while you get a feel and a habit for catching the gaps.  You develop presence and awareness as you expand your gaps.

As the day proceeds take moments during your interactions and your work to catch perceptions before thought. The awareness that comes through the gap aligns you with creation.  When you are aligned with creation your harmonious nature will assert itself.

Cultivate awareness through these gaps in your daily life.

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