Cultivate balance and harmony.

Cultivation is a concept for approaching the Dao.  Cultivation is repeatedly mentioned in the Tao Te Ching and the Hua Hu Ching texts attributed to Lao Tzu approximately 2500 years ago.

Cultivating balance and harmony moves one into a state where you become aware of the Oneness reflected as the Tao.

Our perception is to cultivate the same balance and harmony at all times.  Maintain balance and harmony as you interact with others. Cultivate holding the same balance and harmony within yourself as you interact with family, friends, strangers, bosses, commanders, employees, crowds, children, antagonists, mentally ill, disillusioned, beautiful, unattractive, happy, sad, and ecstatic.  Remember you are one with all.  None is greater than the other, no matter the illusion of perception.

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