dad how do i stop peer pressure

dad how do i stop peer pressure

Peer pressure occurs when you shift your perceptual point of view to that of another person and you do not accept yourself.  Peer pressure is where you give undo consideration to what you think others think of you. Peer pressure is a perceptual shift that robs you of your self respect and integrity and transfers your self identity to your ego.

Peer pressure perception places value on your  perception of a hallucination of what another person is thinking. Your energy and your awareness is drained to support your conflicting hallucination perceptions.  Usually your perception is you are not good enough.  This is your inner judge working against you.

The way to dissolve peer pressure is…

  1. Accept your situation as it is. Accept yourself.  Accept that Now is perfect the way it is. When you accept, you do not care what others are thinking. You are in harmony with what is.  There is no self judgement.
  2. Shift your perceptual point of view back into your core essence.
  3. From your inner being perceive your situation with grace, acceptance, and gratitude.


  1. An alternate solution is to learn to never shift your perception to ever consider what others are perceiving about you as having any importance.  Suspend judgement.  After all their thoughts and your thoughts are not the real you.  “I am not that”.

Try these exercises to dissolve peer pressure!

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