dealing with frustration

dealing with frustration

When you experience frustration it is the Guru of Life telling you to become aware and shift your perception.

Personal evolution sometimes comes to a halt, reverses, then a new door opens and an acceleration of evolution can resume.  Recently as my posts have diminished I became stymied in bringing forth information for greater awareness.

As I consider what I have seen others do in times of frustration, I have came upon several experiences where others have placed their problems over to  higher power, pray for assistance, or meditate and contemplate on the problem.  The essential solution is to focus on the problem or blockage,  and still the conscious mind and wait for inspiration.

 Define the problem/s specifically, and then contemplate on solutions and ask for assistance from higher self, higher beings, higher energies.  Recognize the exact need, ask for assistance, release the problem or block and  trust that assistance is coming.

My situation concerns health problems I have been unable to resolve.  These health problems prevent me from following some Tao exercises.  So that path seems to have closed.

Ask for assistance, expect assistance, trust, let the energy go to your higher power that constitutes the problem or block, then silence your concious mind to be receptive to the solution coming from higher powers..

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