death perception

death perception

Death Perception

Use the perception of your impending death to shift your perception to grace and to conquer your ego.

Start every day with the knowledge that today could be the last day of your life. It could be your last week to live. No one knows for sure when their last day will come knocking.

Living with the knowledge of your impending death forces you to live here and now. If you know that this could be your last moments alive then you are going to let go of all of the pettiness of your ego and your dramas and your judgements. You are going to tell everyone that you love them. You are going to love the trees, the sky the earth the children. You are going to love every breath that you take. You are not going to let a moment of now pass you by.

Living with the perception of your pending death is ironicly the death of the judge and the ego that live inside of you. This is because they live in the past and the future. They can not survive in the Now that your impending death forces upon you.

At any moment the Angel of Death can take you. All that you have accumulated is gone as for nothing.

Let go of all your baggage and live each moment each day in the present with the awareness that the Angel of Death is stalking you. Live every moment of your life with love and gratitude for all things people, animals, environment big and small because you want to cherish your last moments. Live now. Do not hold back your love and appreciation because this may be your last chance to express and be a conduit of love.

Death is stalking you. Use death to give you life. Use death to kill the ego, the judge and the dramas. Use death to live here and now free of fears past and future. Use your impending death to shift your perception.

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