dismiss your ego

dismiss your ego

Make a simple decision to dismiss your ego and all of its judgements. 

You are the director, producer and main actor in the production of  This is Your Ego.  This production of judgements you have stored as a fantasy series in your head would put Agatha Christie and Judge Judy to shame.  Your ego judgments produce your own personal fantasy series.  It is your production, your series and you are the projector. 

You are the producer, you have the power to edit out all of the judgements or you can turn off the projector and observe real life.  You don’t give up your life.  You give up your fantasies.  You will find reality is much more exiting than fantasy can ever be.

You can make this major perceptual shift.  Go from producing and following your own fantasy to following reality.   Do this by simply making the decision to dismiss your ego with all of its jujdgements.

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