doing away with the box

doing away with the box

We learn not to step out of the box of consensus reality, we learn to throw away the box entirely. 

When you throw out the consensus box you play without limitations.  Everything is possible.  Fear and judgement is left behind in the box.  You can ask any question and expect an answer.  You do not have to take anything seriously.  Things happen when you just play, and you don’t have a clue how or need to have a clue why.  Fantasmorphagenic  and wacky is fine. Believe in things outside of your experience.  Hold open ended beliefs that allow for miracles.  Expect miracles so they CAN show up.  Have fun, play, and perceive everything as maleable interconnected and connected conciousness forever dissolving and evolving.

Without the box you go to reality where you realize that there is no physical body.  The body and everything material is a projection of consciousness. I am leaning heavily that everything is consciousness.  I could be completely wrong or this could be another box.

 Your thoughts are like pebbles thrown into a pond.  You throw a thought (a dab of consciousness) in and it changes the ripples of the pond.  It changes your function, your physiology, your physics.  It changes the world. 

Transformation happens instantaneously as you observe systems and bodies as expressions of conciousness and information.  A download, a reboot, or an addition of consciousness or information will produce an immediate morph. Consciousness is not limited by physical box laws.

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