dont believe

dont believe

 Don’t believe what others tell you. Don’t believe what you tell yourself.   Break the agreements you have made with that pack of lies that is your social programing.  Your self dialogue is a result of your social programing.  Most of your social programing is flat out lies causing counterproductive behavior.  You no longer need to agree with the social programing that does not help you to grow to be a better person.

Believe the truth you see with the eye of your heart.

Don’t believe the lies.  You are not your injuries.  You are not your emotional wounds. You are not your judge.  You are not the limitations you believed were true.  You are not what others tell you you are.  You no longer need to believe the lies that inflame your mind and body.   You have the Eagle’s perspective.  You can see that  the lies and injuries that others inflict upon you are only the result of their acting out their social programing.  They are trapped in the lies of their programing, but you are not. You have awareness.

Your freedom is a perceptual shift, your new awareness.  Your freedom is you can choose what not to believe. Your freedom comes from not believing the lies of others, not believing your social programing.  Your freedom comes from peeling away the lies you have wrapped around your being. Your freedom comes from letting the lies go, from forgiving those who injure and lie to you.  They truly do not know what they do.  Let it go.  Forgive.

…. forgive them, they know not what they do…… J.C. on the cross. 

You know what you do, so live with integrity.

Discard the lies.  You can believe what you see with the eye of your heart as your heart only perceives the truth.

Discard the social programing that is not true.  You can believe what you see from the Eagle’s perspective as the Eagle can see all of the social programing processing the minds of tranced people.

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