drop down

drop down

Drop Down

Drop out of your talking head down into your heart center suspending judgement, where you can feel an empathy and a connection with all life.  Then notice what you notice, and let go.  Dr. Bartlett uses the example of the pebble dropping out of your mind into the infinite pond of your heart center.

As Dr Bartlett explains.  You just drop down into the experience.  There is nothing to do, nothing to be, nothing to change (from your heart perspective). It is a free flowing state.  It is the state of merely noticing what you notice without judgement.  Then letting go.

The act of observing something at the quantum level changes it.  Because everything is composed of informational light patterns when you drop down into quantum heart perception a change is probable.

Drop down implies entering a state of altered possibility where other rules, or no rules, can then apply.

Dr. Bartlett explains, that it is your attempts to do something, your need to observe something, and your desire to be powerful that keep you from experiencing Matrix transformations.  Drop down. Place intent. Let go.

Drawn and inspired from the book “The Physics of Miracles”.

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  • MT

    Excellent book! its in my Top 3! re-read it every other month.
    “If we expect miracles, we are more likely to experience them, but that doesn’t mean your life should be predicated on the need for a miracle. When you need a miracle, or you need to be healed, or you need something to happen, your own expectations of what will happen if it doesn’t are in the way. When you let go of the need for something to happen or not happen, that’s where grace resides. And anything’s possible there.”
    – Dr. Richard Bartlett D.C., N.D. Developer of Matrix Energetics

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