emotional freedom tapping

emotional freedom tapping

EFT is an amazing technique based on the acupuncture concept of energy meridians and that blockages of energy flow causes sickness and disease.  EFT is an extremely easy to learn form of energy flow restoration.  check it out at http://www.emofree.com/ 

Measure stress level.  Select issue.  Create mental picture/movie.  Create a setup phrase and reminder phrase.  Tap the karate chop spot.  Tap the designated 8 acupuncture locations while stating the reminder phrase.  That is it!

For clarification, see the web site or read the 14 pages of chapter 6 of the book “Try it On Everything”

Here are several examples of Emotional Freedom Tapping setup phrases.

  1. Even though I have been anxious about being on stage and in some public situations …… I choose to be confident and relaxed.
  2. Even though I have felt judged……. I choose to bless and love because I see beyond the surface.
  3. Even though I have resistance to learning some tasks …… I choose to let resistance go and adopt change.
  4. Even though I have believed in limits  ….. I choose to believe in infinite possibilites/ probabilities.
  5. Even though my mental habits have created tensions in my body ……. I choose to release those habits and tensions allowing energy to flow freely to all my cells, organs and energy systems.
  6. Even though I have been egotistical ……..   I choose to be humble and confident.
  7. Even though I have entangled my energies in judgments ……. I choose to release all those judgements and free my energies.
  8. Even though I have put all my faith in rational logic ………….  I choose to put my faith in ….. possibility.
  9. Even though I have reacted with fear, I choose to live relaxed in confidence and grace because otherwise is disrespecting my creator.

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