emotional intentionperception

emotional intentionperception

Intending emotionally is different than intending actively.  When you intend for something to happen emotionally you are intending to feel the feeling that you will feel when transformation occurs.

When you intend normally you are intending for certain actions or structures to transform.

We have learned that if we intend to catalyze transformation that we may see a greater affect by paying attention to the feelings we are intending or the feelings we are getting as change occurs.

Intending to perceive the feeling of something is entirely different than intending to perceive the action of something happening.  Though the two go hand in hand together.  This is a different angle to perceive the aspects and affects of the emotions of love, grace, peace and joy.

Try it….  Intend to feel the feeling of peace, love, grace and great joy as you intend your next opening for transformation.

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