Ethnobotanicals are plants that indigenous cultures have used for thousands of years to alter their perception in order to heal and divine information not attainable in a normal state of perception.  There is a increased interest in ethnobotanicals as many people are looking for answers to their personal and spiritual questions that readily available science has no answer too.

The study of perceptual shifting would not be complete without considering the use of helper plants to assist in altering perception in ways that are safe and beneficial.

Every shamanic culture that I have studied has a reliance on plant medicine.  The plants are the teachers and the allies of the shaman.  The shaman knows that plants are teacher spirits not chemical factories producing dead chemicals for consumption as food and medicine.

We have been trained to be afraid of the wild; wild plants, and wild animals.  You would do well to begin to learn from nature, the true nature of the world.  Nature is the book of God.  You will lean more of God from that book than from a book written by man.

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