Shifting to the Heart

When the ego rules, the mind entrains the heart/body to do its bidding.

We desire to get to the point where our heart as an organ of perception and awareness entrains the body/ mind.  As the assmeblage of awareness nests in the heart its dominance entrains the body/mind.  A whole new world of perception opens up.

The situation is that we have trained […]

The Spirit of All

Isn’t it about time that we all stopped deluding ourselves and take notice of where and what we are.  It is said that we are spiritual beings having earthly experiences.  Any one with awareness knows the truth of this statement.

From the spiritual standpoint everything we encounter is a manifestation of spirit.  Indigent cultures and older […]

Intentional emotional shifts

Intentional emotional shifts,  change the pattern of the electromagnetic fields generated and patterned by your heart.  Emotional shifts encode a tremendous amount of new information in the living field matrix. Because the heart can encode, read and store information on multiple frequencies and dynamics the amount of information that it can process to find meaning from […]

Creating Personal Space EFT

Even though I have felt _ (fill in your feeling)_   I choose to live in a unshakable field (of personal space) of Grace, Adventure, Confidence, and Fun. 

This powerful EFT tapping statement incorporates the concept of “Creating Space” that is essential to many transformational systems.  Uniquely, here, the space you are creating and holding is your own personal […]

Holding Heart-thru Beauty

Many of the perceptual insights we are trying to grasp require …getting out of the mind and …holding onto the feeling the heart generates.

The best way for me to hold the heart center is to focus on beauty and gratitude while paying attention to the feeling in my heart center.  If you look for beauty […]

Luminous Beings

When enough individuals begin to perceive one another as luminous beings it will create a phase shift in human society and potential. Luminous entangled beings will simply not expect to treat each other the same way as individuals that consider themselves as distinct separate entities.  This is a major perceptual phase shift in who and what we think […]


When you test methods of perceptual change the only real confirmation of change and the only real motivator to contune practicing is to repeatedly witness and experience change personally.


Focus on the Feelings

Isn’t it nice to be able to focus on the feelings I want to be feeling knowing the feelings will bring a physical reality that corresponds with the feeling.

The Emotional feedback Rheostat

 Maintain your awareness of the degree of your connection and alignment with your higher power. This is another Hicks (The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent) concept touched on earlier.  I like it and want to clarify how this works.

You become aware of what you are feeling emotionally about your current thoughts.
You rate your emotions on a virtual […]

*Being Awesome

Perceive. You were radiant, confident, and light beamed in every direction from the core of your being. Music followed you, angels serenaded you, and everyone was elevated by your presence. Wisdom shown from your eyes. Kindness emanated from your touch. And your power was simply awesome. As it is now.
….unknown author…  Open this window of […]

Matrix Summary

I love to simplify things and this is the best simplification of Matrix Energetics that I have found.

M.E. is about accessing the space of Infinite Potentials by Dropping Down into the heartspace, Placing Intent for useful change & best possible outcome, Letting Go of attachment to any particular outcome and noticing what shows up as […]

Drop Down

Drop out of your talking head down into your heart center suspending judgement, where you can feel an empathy and a connection with all life.  Then notice what you notice, and let go.  Dr. Bartlett uses the example of the pebble dropping out of your mind into the infinite pond of your heart center.

As Dr […]

Matrix Drop Set & Go

The technique for triggering the Matrix 2 Point transformational wave process appears to be summarized by Drop, Set Intention, and Let Go.

Dropping Down- means to approach your subject from a non thinking, quantum conciousness, non imaginative out of the rational brain, or heart consciousness awareness, .
Setting intentiion- is becoming concious of a possible shift or shifts implied […]

The Luminous Beings

When you perceive everything material as light rather than as objects you open up grand new perceptual vistas, and open up new ways of transforming yourself and what you perceive.

Try to look at everything in your environment as compositions of light and information.  Modern physics tells us that at the smallest level all things exist […]

Practice Blessing Now.

Practice blessing now.     .     .

Building Presence

Progressing through the adventure of this blog it has become obvious that building Presence, staying perceptually aware in the present moment, is an important milestone in personal developement.

Many of the techniqes discussed in previous posts will help you to shift to be more present. 

As you build your Presence, you become aware of being present in the moment more and […]

Summary of Techniques 7/27/09

It is time to review the techniques we have uncovered to shift our perception towards freedom from indoctrination.

Embrace Grace.
Stand back for the Eagle’s perception.
Stalk your inner Judge (stay aware of the Judge).
Stalk your inner dialogue.(stay aware of your background inner dialouge).
“You are not me!”
Meditate or contemplate.
Walk in nature with silence.
Live present, here and now.
Recapitulate emotional memories.
Rewrite […]


Compassion comes from knowing that almost every reactive person is coming from their personal ego that has been imposed upon them from the collective ego. 

How can you be anything but compassionate to others when you know they are not aware that they are not aware.  They are unconcious.  They are living caught up in […]

The urgency

My personal ego and the collective ego thrive on urgency, an urgency to get out of Now!  As I step back this morning as myself as awareness and place the light of my attention on this urgency of the mind; the urgency just dissolved. 

You can do the same.  It is a great relief to not feel the pressure […]


You transcend the ego and the mind everytime you step back behind your thoughts and observe from the stillness that is you.

the judge

Each of us harbours a judge within our psyche.
 The judge presides over our dramas and decides which dramas will feed upon us as parasites draining our free will and energy.  When you feel yourself uncontrolably moving into a drama place your attention on the inner judge.  As you place your attention on the Judge he looses his power to hook you to […]

Eye of Your Heart

Perceive the world from the “Eye of Your Heart”.

Let your heart become the center of your being. Let your heart become your eye on the world. Perceive as if from the heart. See what love is showing you. See that your perception is so much better than the perception of the eyes of the ego.

We […]

Shift to Unconditional

Make unconditional happen.

Unconditional is just that. Your interactions are not conditional on changing the behavioir of the other person.

To be unconditional means to hold onto appreciation and curiosity in your interactions with others with absolutely no expectation of any return. You don’t take anything personally and you are not making assumptions.

If you are unconditional […]

The Four Agreements

Change Your Behavioral Agreements

Can you shift out of fear of public speaking? Can you make a giant perceptual shift to erase your major personal phobias? Wouldn’t that be a major personal growth? Would that be a big shift in your perception?

Since I was a very young age I have had ingrained and reinforced over and […]

Beauty All Around Me

I walk with

Beauty before me
Beauty behind me
Beauty above me
Beauty below me,
Beauty all around me
Navajo Night Chant Beauty before me.

This perceptual shift sums up heaven on earth.

Have you been living with the world paradigm? Troubles before me. Troubles behind me. Troubles all around me.

Doesn’t this sound like hell?

You have a choice. Align with heaven, or […]


You can use trees to shift your perception. The mountain and the forest are powerful agents of change if you open your heart.

As I was a child and living in the country, when I walked along the tree shrouded road at twilight I could feel the spirit of the trees. It is not an uncomfortable […]

Invocatioin off Blessing

Daily Invocation

May I be a blessing to my self
May I be a blessing to my family
May I be a blessing to my friends
May I be a blessing to my community
May I be a blessing to the planet
May I be a blessing to the Creator

May my children be a blessing to their family
to their selves
to each […]

God Bless Invocation


 Extending grace, gratitude, appreciation and love to others.

God Bless Me
God Bless You
God Bless My Love
God Bless Our Interaction

God Bless is a perceptual shift.
God Bless builds your presence in Grace.
God Bless builds relationships with your creator, friends, family and environment.

God Bless shifts you out of the monkey mind. (God Bless and other invocations do not need […]

Invocation for Peace

Use the Peace Invocation to shift your perception and extend peace to others.

Peace be with me.
Peace be with you.
Peace be between us.

If you hold this invocation in your awareness you will quickly see a change in most of your interpersonal interactioins.

Accept What Is

The mind will trap your perception and hold your energy in an endless loop of why and why not, yes I can no I can’t.

You want to free your energy so you can shift your perception.

In emotional situations the mind becomes like a tornado, a vortex sucking up all of your attention and energy. It […]

The Eagle’s Gift

This is the Eagle’s gift… the Big Perception.  Stand back from your life and take a look at your big picture. 

The Eagles Perception is the world view from above.  It is the Big Picture perceptual shift where you perceive behavior as the result of centuries of habitual reaction patterns. The Eagle can stand back and […]