fear and love

fear and love

Fear and Love

The experience of relationships is the experience of love and fear.

This blog is focused on shifting perception to experience love and Grace and Creation. To understand where we are going I am going to take a look at love as we experience it in relationships.

I believe there are no coincidences in life that every interaction has a meaning, that the most trying interactions have the most to teach us. I think that it is imperative that we learn how to learn the most out of even the most trying relationships.

Every relationship is a reflection of love and fear between two individuals. Each relationship is different and each individual is different. Each relationship may be considered to have so much love and so much fear involved in it. The greater the fear the lesser the relationship.

If you consider deeply you will see that anger, desire, and hate are the children of fear.

Contemplate this.

Love is unconditional. Fear is conditional.
What starts as unconditional love quickly dissolves into control issues for those who are not able to give love freely. Love is freedom. Fear is control. Love gives energy and fear seeks to take energy.

Love lives Now. Fear lives for the future and the past.

Let your perception shift to Eagle perspective. From above, overview your primary relationships. Are these relationships accepting, appreciating, and loving from your side? or are you in a fearful relationship dominated by the need to control? Are some relationships just crazy.

Love concedes freedom. Fear demands control.

The relationships that are crazy for me involve control issues.

Which is the better relationship for you?

I have been in relationships where I could not express love because one of us could not let go of control issues. In each relationship according to the match different control issues may be triggered. Those relationships that are able to get past control issues and stay focused on love issues thrive. This is a perceptual shift.

In contemplation at Eagle you can see that many relationships deteriorate into fear. Desire is fear of loss of love. Anger is fear of loss of control of one who loves you. Hate is fear that they do not give you love.

Love gives and that is it.
Fear binds your perception to the future and the past. Fear binds up your energy and sets you up for self sabotage in future relationships. If you repeatedly get into control issue relationships then you need to find a way to purge the emotional energy loops that are sabotaging you.

The only way out of love hate relationships is to dissolve the fear. We have been reviewing techniques to dissolve blockages such as recapitulation and shifting perception. Shift your perception to grace and hold it there. Accept that you have access to enough love from Source that you do not have to try and take love by controlling another. Stay in the Now where love exists. Maintain the perception of gratitude, acceptance, appreciation and love for your counterparts while holding onto your connection to Source.

Because we are reviewing ways to shift perception I will be reviewing other ways to dissolve blockages that keep us from shifting perception.

Most individuals are always seeking love because most are disconnected from the source of love.

Instead of trying to control others you now know that you can shift your perception to Grace and receive the love you need as you give appreciation to others.

Connect to the source of grace by perceptual shift. Move your attention move your assemblage point to here and now. Move to appreciation and gratitude. As you interact, give loving appreciation to others it flows into you first.

You can break the bond of fear based relationships. You can liberate yourself from the tyranny of the monkey mind. Stay with me.

Fear builds a vortex of energy that triggers reactions. Love is the flow of energy from Source through you to another.

The monkey mind is the kingdom of fear. The Source is in the kingdom of love. When you align with Source you align with love.

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