feel the feelings

feel the feelings

Feel the feelings you would feel and believe the beliefs you would believe…..as if what you hearts desires is, is allready here. 

THIS IS THE KEY! To the power of manifesting change.

You empower the catalyse of transformation by holding the power of your beliefs and emotions. Drop into your heart center and emotionally empower the reality of your beliefs (intend) without judgement or attatchment, let go, and let creation create, and pay attention to what shows up.

Hold the feelings and beliefs of gratitude, abundance, transformation, compassion, and joy through the day and watch to see how you perceive your world changes.  note: don’t do joy, be joy, be compassion, be gratitude

Let your life become a perpetual prayer of playful emotional gratitude, living in the state of  grace and life will mirror back its abundance to you.

How we create is the power of emotional intention and belief.  We are no longer limited by the laws of classical physics.  Instead we have almost unlimited possibilities because of our belief in quantum energy physics.  Oneness, entangled energies, instant holographic change, consciousness projecting reality and transformation.

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