fork in the road

fork in the road


Every day life confronts us with decisions.  Some decisions turn out to be life shifting and affect the rest of our lives.

Often we are confronted with a decision that is like a fork in the road.  Turn one way on the road leads to the path called “Thank You”.  The other road leads down a path called “I Want”.

Source or God or Tao or Great Spirit what ever you want to call the creative power seems to provide an endless supply of either of these things as we go down the path of life. 

You can follow the path of I want, and find that your wants will become endless.  Alternately you can follow the path of Thank you and endlessly be supplied with the opportunity to be grateful.

At first glance most will take the path of I Want as that seems to be the source of fulfillment of all of desires.

Often the paths cross throughout our lives and from one path you can see individuals on the other path. The path of I wanters seem driven to get more and more to go faster and faster, yet they do not look happy.

Conversely on the other path when the I Wanters look over they see people maybe poore in materila things yet enjoying themselves, not in a urgent rush to get to the next task, the next I want.  Indeed they are seen expressing their joy for seemingly trivial things.

Observing from outside both paths, one is busily pursuing gratitude.  The other is busily pursing their desires their I wants.

Which is the better path?     

  • One path is capitalistic and leads to urgency, accumulation, and the development of an endless never satisfied desire for more and more.
  • The other path is spiritualistic and leads to the development of a thankful, grateful, harmonious, joyful, satisfied existence.

Note that you can hold any position in society and travel down one or the other roads.  You do not need to be an ascetic monk to be living a grateful life.  As you go through your day observe which road you see your companions, family and others walking.  Observe how you feel they are perceiving life.  Consider how a decision on which road to walk has shifted their perception. 

Consider how this can be objectively demonstrate to others the options they have as to which road to take.

This story too is for my girls.  Please take the road of continuous gratitude for all creation. This is the road of happiness.

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